Academic Riding Week

Spring/Summer 2021

Clinic with Claudia Strauss (licensed Bent Branderup trainer) on the topic ‘The three descentes’

Before we learn how to whisper to our horses, we should listen to them.

The descente is used to to give a swing direction. With shoulder in and croup in, we want to improve the effectiveness of the movement. The goal is a horse, that moves effortlessly and confidently with and without riders. We look at the issue from the point of view of the people and the horse of biomechanics and didactics.

The day seminar on the topic ‘side walks’ costs 80.-€
Private lessons on our horses 45.-€ per 45 minutes.

A trip to the Finca Los Alburejos with its bull breeding at Jerez de la Frontera is on the program as well as a visit to the stud La Angostura in Jimena de la Frontera.
With our trusting contacts to owners of well-ridden horses, we have the opportunity to bring various horses to the Rancho Los Lobos for preparation during this week and to organize the handling in case of a purchase.
Benefit from Claudia Strauss’ expert advice on academic equestrian art and spend a week among thoroughbred riders.

If you are interested in this special week, please write us an e-mail directly.


Academic Art of Riding- what does it really mean?

If you attend a clinic of an academic trainer, you often see unspectacular ground work. The academic system attaches great importance to this phase of training, the horse should develop joy and trust and know the riding aids already from the groundwork.
Academic Art of Riding is a comprehensive system for horse and rider, both learn to understand and exchange and find balance and stability together. The main goal is always the wellbeing of the horses! Nothing simple than that!

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