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Excursions and Highlights

Our surroundings are fantastic and Andalusia is so diverse and charming that it is not possible to explore everything in a single holiday. Even we are always amazed how much there is to discover and experience every day.
There are travel guides about Andalusia to fill shelves, and everyone certainly has their favorite. But since there is much more to see and do besides the typical travel tips, we have listed here some special highlights, which we believe are definitely worth a trip.

Jimena and its festivals

With us you can experience Andalusia in its originality, more than you will find in the guide books. Come with us to all the events that our authentic white village Jimena de la Frontera has to offer. Exhibitions, flamenco concerts, the night of candles, Spanish people love to party. There are many events you can attend all year round.

Only those who venture off the main road will discover new things! Here we go! See some of our special tips:

Take the train to Ronda via the Vulture Gorge

From Los Angeles, Jimena de la Frontera’s railway station ​there are 2 daily trains to and from Ronda.
Tip: take the morning train in Summer that goes through the Vulture Gorge and watch the sunrise. A wonderful ride, you also save the search for a parking space in Ronda, the train ride does not cost much and a visit to Ronda is a must anyway.

Lanas del Rio – weaving in the old mill

In an old mill near Gaucin, which was completely restored in 1994, the English couple Paul and Dawn Sutcliffe weave the finest yarn into wonderfully soft woolen garments. Ponchos, blankets, scarves, everything made of high-quality materials such as cashmere, alpaca, merino or silk can be seen and bought there.
Take the guided tour with the owners and learn about the craft of weaving in this authentic woolen mill.


Bodega F. Schatz

For wine lovers and nature lovers a visit to the F. Schatz winery is a very interesting excursion day out. Friedrich Schatz makes organic, biodynamic wines in the wine-growing region of the Serrana de Ronda, which, due to its height and the Mediterranean climate, has ideal conditions for the vines. His knowledge of permaculture and the perfectly coordinated plant cultivation makes a visit to his small finca not only worthwhile and not only for wine connoisseurs.

By e-bike through Gibraltar

It is a special feeling to walk across the border and cross the runway to get to Gibraltar, but then also to explore the city by e-bike exceeds all expectations. Those who were told Gibraltar was boring, they have never seen it from the bike, let alone from the e-bike.


Roman baths de la Hedionda

Little more than half an hour away from us are ​the Roman sulfur ​baths , which have been declared a cultural monument and around whose origins ​are the source of many legends . One of the most common is that Santiago expelled the devil who bathed in it and gave the water its sulfur smell with his breath. According to stories, Julius Caesar is said to have bathed in it in order to heal himself from illnesses.
A ticket reservation is necessary.

Sightseeing flights with a paraglider

Walter Hellmann is probably one of the most cheerful and unusual people we have met here. He likes to share his airy hobby of flying his paraglider with adventurous visitors. Discover the beauty of Andalusia from the sky – an experience you will remember for a long time! Get in and feel like Karlsson on the roof in Walter’s flying machine.
Advanced booking required!


Jerez de la Frontera with private tour

Let Andreas our Guirizano from Jerez de la Frontera show you his city through the eyes of a local. Take the city tour or a tour of the typical tapas bars – you can learn pretty much everything about Jerez from Andreas, who has studied history, among other things.
Please request your desired date for a tour in Jerez in time.

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