Project Description

Health and Beauty at Rancho Los Lobos

We want you to feel comfortable with us!
Good food, good sleep and treat your body well. That’s why we have a small but fine wellness offer for you.

Relax and unwind


In our own little Spa treat yourself to a relaxing massage i​n a pleasant environment. Barbara, a sports physiotherapist can ease your aches and pains and likes to give helpful advice for a healthy back. On request Venerina comes to the house ​for pedicures and manicures.

Our treatments at Rancho Los Lobos

Massages and treatments

Application Price
Medical back massage 30 min. 35.- €
Manual lymphatic drainage 60.- €
Indian head massage 60 min. 70.- €
Hot Stone 85 min. 90.- €
Manicure 35.- €
Pedicure 35.- €
Reiki treatment 50 min. 60.- €

Reiki- good for body, soul and spirit


Reiki is originally from Japan and means ‘universal life energy’. It is a holistic treatment method and activates the self-healing powers ​to restore imbalance in the body. ​We are fascinated by this ancestral method (over 1000 years old) ​and we offer treatments ​by the Italian Reiki master Venerina Conti at Rancho Los Lobos. Reiki promotes life energy and after a treatment you feel relaxed and full of energy to start the day.

The benefit of a massage

With the impression on having tons of stones on your sholder, sometimes the whole back hurts. Who doesn’t know the nasty pain all the way up your back.
The best remedy is a soothing massage by Barbara or Venerina. We will be happy to make you feel better again.


Temazcal the Sweat Lodge

In the winter months, even in Andalusia the temperatures sometimes drop below 10 degrees on some days in the morning, we often make a so-called Temazcal on the Rancho Los Lobos. Bhagavatramrita our yoga teacher from the Ecuadorian rainforest builds up his sweat lodge by moistening hot stones with water inside the tent. A special experience when you feel the warm moisture like in a steam bath.

Indulge yourself!

Thinking about so many things all the time? New clothes, new hairstyle, new shoes, new car…. but what about the body? We can’t buy a new one, but we can do everything we can to make sure that the only one we have is doing well. We’ll help you with that.

Relax in Andalusia!

For our special holiday offers, please contact us directly by email or call us. We look forward to seeing you!

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