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Yoga Private Lessons at Rancho Los Lobos

Why not taking profit of holidays to give you a special treat for your yoga practice? Private yoga lessons are an excellent opportunity and are of course particularly fun under the sun of Andalusia.

Deepening your yoga practice

In a one to one session, the yoga teacher can respond individually to your needs. The teacher’s assists allow you to get more knowledge of the asanas. He will either assist you in the correct alignment or exert slight pressure or elongation on a body region. This often gives students a better understanding of what an asana is meant to do and allows him to gain a better body awareness. Especially in Savasana, the resting position at the end of a yoga class, this is a good help.


Optimize alignment and prevent injuries

Private lessons are an ideal way to improve your alignment in each asanas. This is particularly recommended, as incorrect alignment can cause long-term injuries. For larger classes, however, it is not possible for the yoga teacher to correct erroneous orientations for each student.
It is especially important in frequently recurring positions such as the looking down dog to have a good alignment in the hands. A misalignment of the hands in this asana can lead to long-term overload and thus injury in the wrists.
Therefore, it is especially important to us to teach mindful yoga and to help our students optimize the orientation in the asanas.

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Individual wishes

Maybe you want to work certain asanas or train a body region in a targeted way. Private yoga classes are also very suitable as the teacher can create sequences for you that are geared to your individual goals and preferences. Who doesn’t know… There is finally a seemingly suitable video on YouTube, but after only a few minutes it turns out that for various reasons it does not correspond to your own taste or the desired requirement. With a private teacher, you have the perfect solution.

Yoga in case of injury

If you have had a longer break due to an injury or need to pay attention to certain parts of your body, private lessons are an excellent option to carefully re-enter the lower reaches. A private instructor will help you live out your full potential on the mat, taking into account your limitations. Last but not least, yoga is also about practicing acceptance for everything that is. This means that whatever limits your practice, see it as an invitation, for the mental deepening of your practice.

Ideal for beginners to get started

For new yogis, the offer can be quite overwhelming. Where do I start, what to look out for and how do I protect myself from injury? If all those questions are in your mind, it may be beneficial to start with a private instructor and start your yoga practice with him. You will learn a correct alignment of the most common positions right at the beginning and bring more security into your practice. Any overloads that can occur with beginners will be counteracted and nothing stands in the way of a long-term yoga enthusiasm.

Yoga – what exactly does this mean?

The term “yoga” comes from Sanskrit and can be interpreted as “unifying” in the sense of body and mind. This means being in tune with oneself, and this does not always require highly demanding asanas. Even simple positions that are guided with the breath can lead to this state of union. After practice, you usually feel more balanced and the mental activity is down, so you’re more in here and now.

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You are welcome to book private yoga lessons with us. We look forward to sharing our passion with you!

What does Vinyasa Flow Yoga mean?

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic type of yoga in which almost every movement is connected to the breath. Therefore, it is often called movement meditation. The sequences can be very creative with this type of yoga, which is also one of the reasons why Christina chose Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Classes can be kept general or can be dedicated to different body regions such as heart opening.
Bhagavatamrita combines Vinyasa Flow with Ashtanga and Bhakti in its English-language courses and has developed a unique style that gives you new insights into the world of yoga and encourages you to take advantage of yoga in daily life.
Barbara teaches Hatha Yoga with elements from physiotherapy, especially important is to reduce her yoga not only to the practice of asanas, but also to see it as a holistic attitude to life. Breathing techniques, meditation and the careful handling of everything must not be missing.

Our conclusion

Whether in Andalusia or at home, a private yoga class is a unique opportunity for every yoga student to deepen their own practice, train asanas in a targeted manner or improve orientation under professional guidance. But maybe it’s reason enough to just treat yourself to a particularly exclusive yoga experience. We think so!

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