Karl's Kitchen

Culinary delights

We cook for you four times a week with regional and fresh dishes directly from the region. Typical tapas, trendy bowls or Arabic specialities, everything comes as far as possible from the region from sustainable or organic cultivation - according to the farm-to-table concept, directly from the producer to our table. In this way, we want to reconnect a shared meal with the origin of our food and promote local farmers and producers. Olive oil, fruit, avocados, honey or eggs, everything comes from Andalusia. Fresh herbal tea and specially filtered water from our spring are always available free of charge in the courtyard. 

If you're hungry in between meals, you can use our kitchenette, where you can enjoy small tapas or cakes during the day.
We offer you the best dishes in the best quality and as transparent as possible. This is how we promote and live the Slow Food principle. 

Good morning sunshine


Desayunooooohhh: We love breakfast. It is the most beautiful meal of the day for us. That’s why you’ll find everything on your breakfast table for a perfect start to the day: from freshly ground roasted coffee from the sieve carrier with foamed milk to homemade bread and homemade spreads to the Overnight Quinoa Bowl with summer berries and delicious smoothies. Organic eggs in various variations, cheese and other local treats are always waiting for you in the morning. We also pick avocados and oranges fresh from the trees in the Rancho Garden; the latter we like to serve you as freshly squeezed juice.

Because we want to know where it comes from

Slow Food

Regional food in organic quality, that is our claim to Slow Food. We grow most of our own vegetables, our chickens provide us with fresh eggs almost daily, and most of the bread at the Rancho comes from our own oven. We use freshly ground grain from the village organic food shop. For our cuisine, we use the very best ingredients that can be found - preferably organic, preferably from the region and always particularly aromatic. In the evenings, we serve plant-based food refined with fresh herbs and lovingly prepared by Karl. We promise you a surprising taste experience for all your senses!
Enjoy your meal!

Veggie Catering

We bring pleasure to your party and create delicious vegetarian buffets which not only offer dishes for vegetarians and vegans, but also inspire convinced meat eaters. Who needs animal products ? when a world of flavours unfold with our plant-based superfoods such as chia seeds, açaì or maca are used with our regional ingredients. We are happy to use organic produce or create a complete rancho catering extravaganza regarding all aspects of sustainable cooking into account.

Whether it’s an adventurous picnic, a vegetarian BBQ or an exclusive sharing buffet, we always offer what you want. …..an uncomplicated business lunch, the diamond wedding of the parents or a birthday party with friends – we celebrate these parties with you !

With many years of experience we are always happy to assist you to create that special event with a vast selection of dish options. We cater for every occasion from 6 to 30 people. For 30 people plus subject our availability on request.


Dinner is offered by the open fireplace during autumn and winter, as Andalucia warms up during these months. Barbara will happily recommend great wines from Spanish regions to accompany the tasty creations from Karl’s kitchen. Our organic & natural wines are particularly pure wines that are pressed as naturally as possible. From the vine to the bottle, in the production of our organic & natural wines, wherever possible, additives and cellar technology are dispensed with. The result is an unadulterated taste experience that is extremely popular with conscious connoisseurs.

Many souvenirs are on offer so you can take a little of us home with you … our small winery: organic olive oil, hand-printed bags ‘made in Jimena’, homemade vinegar, pottery from the neighborhood and ever-changing little items that make you happy.

Karl's Kitchen

The heart of Rancho Los Lobos when it comes to culinary delights. The finest food is prepared in the open kitchen.

Karl always cooks fresh and creates culinary delights that can taste good. But don’t ask him for the recipe, because he is freestyler and has the spices practically on his tongue.

Rainbow on the plate

Vegan Welcome

Now it’s getting too colorful for us!
Every single plate glows in a bright color and the entire rainbow opens up to you throughout a whole menu. With each dish, the iridescent rainbow becomes clear, because just as strong and intense as the colours are the aromas of the dishes, the aromas of the basic products, the herbs and spices. Rainbow kitchen or cook the rainbow!

Every day Karl lovingly takes care of your colourful surprises on the plate. With us, new herb-rich variations with fun and dedication are created again and again, often also hearty fleshless. Karl’s cuisine, which occasionally also offers vegan cuisine, is characterized by natural affinity and ingredients mostly from his own organic vegetable garden, daring new culinary paths, new vegan trends and cooking cravings. Karl is constantly testing new flavours.

Karl’s vegan cuisine at Rancho is exciting, challenging to the palate and promises pure pleasure when eating.

Pure pleasure!

Pure joy!


Holidays like with friends!


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