With mindfulness, from the heart and connection with nature, we would like to give you a special kind of holiday. We live and work here at Rancho Los Lobos, surrounded by dear people, our horses, dogs, chickens, two sheep and cats, and we appreciate this privilege very much. This is exactly what we want to share with our guests and look forward to offering you a healthy and positively charged holiday that you will remember for a long time. With mindfulness, from the heart and connection with nature, we would like to give you a special kind of holiday.

It seems as if there is a magical energy in the air that surrounds us here. The untouched Natural Park Los Alcornocales with old and very wise cork oaks, the Rio Hozgarganta that flows not far from us, shielding and cleansing us from two sides, and all the many animals that live around us. All this gives us a new gift every day. With mindfulness, from the heart and connection with nature, we would like to give you a special kind of holiday. 

Once you pass through our gate, you never want to leave....

Recovery from Everything

To ensure that your night is as undisturbed and low-radiation as possible, we switch off the Wi-Fi from midnight. There is no power pole or flight path around us, only a train passes by from time to time. To eliminate the minimal radiation that still surrounds us, we use a Memon Transformer. You are welcome to be treated with the Healy frequency therapy device to bring you even more into balance.

Healthy and conscious

We enjoy growing our own vegetables and only use manure from our horses and chickens as fertiliser, so everything is organic. Most of the water comes from our own well, is purified with a Crystallus filter system and for a very special drinking pleasure we use an extra filter from Doulton for our drinking water, which you can fill into aluminium or glass bottles in the courtyard. Plastic bottles are a taboo here at the Rancho and as far as possible we also refrain from using plastic foil in the kitchen, we wrap the food in silicone or oilcloth. Nevertheless, it is not easy to shop waste-free in Spain, but we try to bring as little plastic as possible to the Rancho.

We make many of Karl's spice mixtures ourselves from herbs grown in our own garden and the morning Chai Masala tea is Barbar's own creation. In a wooden bread oven, lovingly built by our good soul Manolo, we make the bread for our guests ourselves, with flour from an organic mill in Coín and natural sourdough that we prepare ourselves.

The wines we serve are mainly of organic quality and are selected by us with a lot of flair and taste. We prefer to drink the organic wines of Friedrich Schatz from near Ronda. 


Our laundry is washed with own solar power and dried on the line, with all the sun and the mostly light breeze we don't need a tumble dryer. There is a shower gel dispenser in your bathroom so that we use as little plastic as possible.
In the future, we will treat the water in our pool with a salt water system. 

Wonderful fellow humans

We are lucky to have a network of wonderful people around us and want to share that with our guests too.

We are happy to take you on tree planting campaigns or herb walks with the environmental association "EcoSystemARTE Naturaleza".

In summer we swim in the river and on hikes through the wild nature you discover how untouched it is here.

We often meet at the Festival Spiritual at Rancho Los Lobos where everyone brings what they can and like to do. Qi Gong, Yoga, singing bowls, handpan. The exchange among each other is important for us to be able to pass on the feeling of life that we have here in Andalusia in this place close to nature.

Social interaction

Our greatest joy is when we can inspire people for what we can experience here every day in this extraordinary place. Nature has so much in store for us. Waking up to the crowing of our rooster, going outside barefoot and feeling the ground, being who you are. We spoil you with delicious, healthy food, you can let your soul dangle and we conjure up an unforgettable holiday in which you will want for nothing. 

NGUVU Edu SPORT project

Exchanging ideas is not only important in the vicinity, which is why we support the NGUVU Edu SPORTwhich Barbara founded 4 years ago together with Lothar Firlej.

The Kenyan NGUVU Edu Sport Programme aims to teach socially disadvantaged children and young people social skills and positive values using a modern, holistic learning method in combination with sport (especially football). The children are individually supported and strengthened for a better future, learning respect, tolerance and fairness.

The New Earth Manifesto

Our heartfelt thanks go to CATHARINA ROLAND & COCO TACHE, who inspire us again and again with their ideas and worth seeing films "Awake" and "Awake II Paradise".


C/Pasada de Alcalá 177-199
11330 Jimena de la Frontera