A riding holiday couldn't be more beautiful!

Riding in Andalusia

Nowhere else as in Spain the horse is part of life. The Andalusian are proud of their noble horses and riding is so normal as cycling anywhere else On Sundays, the Andalusian go out for a hack. Dressed up in traditional costume, the Spanish rider are sitting in a proud manner in the Vaquero saddle and the lady often sits on the horse’s croup.

We not only ride on Sundays, we saddle our Spanish horses every day and with around 300 days of sunshine a year we explore the nature around the Rancho Los Lobos on our rides.

Explore the wild nature in the largest cork oak forest in Spain

On the edge of the Natural Park Los Alcornocales, there are countless opportunities for us riders to explore the landscape during our rides. Through the park, passing by herds of cattle, we climb the mountainous area with our well trained horses, or we ride along the Rio Hozgarganta in the riverbed overlooking the castle of Jimena de la Frontera.

Our rides are only for experienced riders and last about 2- 3 hours. On full moon nights we take unforgettable rides in the moonlight with a stop in a tapas bar.

Open stable and a lot of grass for our horses

Our horses live in a harmonious herd all year round. In November, when the rain comes, we maintain our pastures and bring the herd to our large open barn with its own eucalyptus forest. In separate feeding stations, each horse has the opportunity to eat undisturbed. 24/7 our horses have access to hay and alfalfa, a plant that comes closest to the hay we know. From April, when the meadows are beautifully juicy and green, everyone is allowed to stay together, after slow grassing together on the paddock, where they stay throughout the summer.

All our horses are barehoof with hoof shoes

Do you wear shoes at home? Well, our horses don’t wear their shoes at home. But as the terrain around our Rancho is very stony and hard in summer, they get hoof shoes on during our hacks. It’s so simple and most of all very comfortable for them. This takes a little longer in the preparation for our rides, but we don’t want to deprive them of the pleasure of running bare hoof for the rest of the day.
That's why our horses don't have horseshoes at home. But since the terrain around Rancho Los Lobos and in the Los Alcornocales nature park is very stony and extremely hard and dry in summer, we put hoof shoes on our horses. This takes a little longer in preparation for our rides, but we don't want to deprive them of the pleasure of walking barefoot for the rest of the day.

Claudia Strauss – licensed Bent Branderup trainer

Since 2011 she is the trainer of Dashanti our Arabian mare, which we brought with us from Germany in January 2018. Claudia trains horses of all breeds with a lot of empathy and know-how. She is a member of the Knighthood of Academic Art of Riding and has been licensed by Bent Branderup Trainer since 2014. Once a year we enjoy her lessons here at Rancho Los Lobos. 

The dressage is for the horse…

and not the horse for the dressage.
Our horses are trained according to the ideals of the Academic Art of Riding from Bent Branderup. We prepare our horses with ground work before going out for hacks on our demanding terrain to keep them healthy.
We are well aware that this is a very long and challenging way, especially since all our horses have a history in terms of training, except for our Arab mare Dashanti, who was brought with us from Germany. But the attention and joy they give us, during and after work, shows us again and again: this is our way and that is what makes us grateful and always puts a smile on our face.

Riding holidays in Andalusia - a dream for every rider

Isn’t it wonderful to wake up in the morning and the first glance out of the window is on horses.

We live with our horses and our horses live with us. You do not ride while it’s raining in Andalusia as we have (that’s what it’s said) more than 300 days of sun . Impossible in Northern Europe because you could almost never ride there.

The easy going way of the Spanish people with their horses is reflected in their behavior. Waiting patiently, to walk safely in traffic and without flinching along the railway tracks, all this is no problem for horses that grew up in Andalusia. Our horses are nerve-racking and tread-proof and are really fun on our rides, not only during the day but also in the evening with our unforgettable full moon rides.

Our herd at Rancho Los Lobos

Dashanti, Bartolo, Pinchito, Ramita and Mayo that is our little herd at the moment. A dream team that carries us together on our rides through the beautiful area around the Rancho. Each of our horses has its own character, we have first of all Dashanti the boss of the herd and the horse of the boss, Bartolo alias Bartl our big slim Spaniard, Pinchito a small grey and our life insurance for all riders. Ramita our small, round, brown mare enchants all riders with her charm and Mayo a Hispano-Arabian mare who knows exactly what she wants. 

Fascination Horse

Being surrounded by horses is a real enrichment for us and fills us with great joy every day.
Their sensitivity and impartiality towards human beings fascinate us, because they feel what we humans do not see. They have the finest senses for moods and energies that are around us, every moment and with every living being. Horses are escape animals and that’s why this instinct is so incredibly important to them. They notice all attention, but also inattention, and demand absolute clarity in their dealings with them. Horses are wonderful teachers in terms of emotions and teach us to look and focus on what is really important.

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