Springtime Spirit

Sunday, 3 April 2022 15:00

Chilling spring picnic in the countryside!

Spread out your blanket and enjoy the spring with live music by Scapula.

Entrance € 5


Scapula about himself:

There is no genre for me!
Each song is very individual and different in its own way. But what they all have in common is the emotionality I put into them.
You can compare it to a diary entry:
I tell a lot about myself and my dreams, wishes and fears. But there is also room in my lyrics for topics that occupy me.
These texts are accompanied by my guitar playing. So during a performance I move from quiet, to melancholic and to more lively songs.

Making music is my greatest passion! I have been making music under the name "Scapula" since I was 19. A lot has happened since then, so that more and more influences flow into my style.
Besides my singer-songwriter project, I work on various other projects. The focus is always on fun, creativity and individuality.


C/Pasada de Alcalá 177-199
11330 Jimena de la Frontera