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Boutique Hotel Rancho Los Lobos


There is an ancient prayer of beauty from the Navajo Indians:

The prayer of beauty

The beauty with which you live,
the beauty through which you live,
the beauty on which you base your life.

At the boutique hotel Rancho Los Lobos, in the middle of nowhere of Andalusia, beauty in harmony with nature becomes a living experience. The scent of nature, birdsong, colourful butterflies, nocturnal frog song chorus poetry and a magical starry sky make it easy to listen, pause and experience beauty directly.

Barbara and Karl have created a paradise here with infinite attention to detail. Each room is a work of art of a special kind, lovingly and uniquely designed and finely tuned with the wisdom of nature and timeless beauty. The result is an atmosphere in which the whole person can breathe deeply and be at one with themselves and before you know it, it has brought a smile to your face.

The strengthening and uplifting powers of the Rancho are also reflected in Karl's deliciously sumptuous cuisine a true fireworks of taste for the palate, a feast for the eyes and also deeply nourishing with 'real' LIFE foods that have been allowed to 'grow' in a natural environment. Karl is a gifted creative master chef who also loves to make his guests laugh with his wonderful sense of humour.

And of course there is a Barbara to go with a Karl. She takes care of the many requirements of her guests, big or small, with dedication. Barbara takes care of individual needs, shares her rich life and extraordinary wealth of experience. She rescues puppies and radiates 'pura vida' just like the nature surrounding her. In short: the two of them convey the pure and genuine feeling - Welcome to friends. Welcome to you.

Rancho Los Lobos is definitely a place of power and an ode to joy. Joy of the gods. Yes. It is easy to imagine that joy and the spark of the gods like to settle and linger here.


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