Vegan Autumn

Autumn 2021

Make it vegan! Experience a week in Andalusia with a lot of healthy input for all senses.

Karl cooks exclusively vegan dishes this week. From hummus to cashews, here we go! If you are looking at vegan nutrition, you will find that there is a huge pot full of delicious dishes. It doesn’t always have to be butter on the bread. For breakfast, under the homemade jam, coconut oil tastes very good – or do it like the Spanish people and use olive oil with a pinch of salt.
At the latest since it has been known that man is not born for meat eating and his teeth are proven to be like ones of a herbivore, you should start thinking about predominantly vegan diet.
Enjoy the meal!

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Why vegan?

Have you ever noticed that only vegetarians and especially vegans have to justify themselves, why do they not eat meat? Where is it written you should eat meat? If you look deeper into the topic of vegan nutrition, you will eventually ask yourself, do I have to eat meat? Nobody asks in the restaurant ‘Why do you eat meat’?
There are many studies showing that animal products such as meat or foods of animal origin in general, change blood values and not necessarily into positive son.
The subject of ‘vegan’ is wide-open, interesting and more up to date than ever, because it is difficult to find food that is not denatured or manipulated or free of animal content. And at the end of the day, it’s everyone’s own choice whether he eats vegetarian, vegan or meat.
But we’d still be interested in the reaction of the people when we ask, ‘Why do you actually eat meat?’

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Vegan AutumnAutumn 2021 Make it vegan! Experience a [...]