Yoga in dreamlike surroundings

Yoga holidays in Andalusia

Why not practice outdoor instead of in a yoga studio?
Here in beautiful Andalusia you can be on holiday,
and take your asanas to a new level far away from everyday stress.

Swap your mat in the studio for an open-air space

Experience deep peace and connection with nature. Outdoor yoga is a special experience that not only refreshes all your senses, but also promotes a new self-feeling. The scent of Nature, the sound of the crickets, the unique landscape and the fresh air invite you to rediscover your center. Sometimes a little mosquito fight is part of what you may see as an invitation to practise full acceptance.

Be centred at Rancho Los Lobos

The Rancho is located in the middle of the beautiful Los Alcornocales Nature Park, where you can really unwind - far away from all the daily to-dos. Surrounded by horses and the natural landscape, the yoga practice becomes a very special experience. Come to our retreats or roll out your mat at any time. Of course, you can also arrange a private lesson on site. The tranquillity and positive energy at Rancho Los Lobos have a very special magic. Surrounded by two rivers and framed by the hills of the nature park, a noticeably peaceful air shimmers around you and you already feel the relaxation and power surrounding you after the first yoga breath. Here you can fully immerse yourself in the yoga practice. You can also rent our Rancho for your yoga retreat. We would be happy to make you an offer.

Yoga holidays – A valuable break for mind and body

Planned rest periods are essential for a healthy and balanced life. In this way, everyday stress and anxiety, which are currently the most common problems among young people, can be managed in the long term. A yoga holiday can often work wonders, as we can fully concentrate on ourselves and not be subject to the usual distractions and duties of everyday life. With its pleasant climate, Andalusia is a very popular destination for yoga breaks, as it can be practiced outdoors almost all year round.

Flexibility and balance on the mat and in everyday life

Regular yoga practice not only leads to more flexibility, strength and balance in the body, the positive effects also touch one’s everyday life.
If we are flexible in our minds, we can more easily deal with changes in life. This ability is proving to be extremely valuable, where things are constantly evolving in these days. Unexpected messages do no longer disturb us when we are connected with the inner power within us and have a flexible spiritual orientation. 

Stimulate healing processes in the body

In addition to the positive effects on mind and body already mentioned, yoga can also set healing processes in motion. Through specific exercises, long-term back pain or tension can be relieved. In addition, through yoga we optimize our entire posture and we get a better body feeling. Among yogis there is also the myth that yoga slows down the aging process. Whether this is really true, we can’t tell you, but we’re sure that a yoga holiday will have a profound impact on your physical and mental well-being.


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