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Yoga Detox Retreats in Andalusia

Detoxifying the body brings many benefits, but it is often not so easy to integrate the new, health-promoting rituals into everyday life. Quickly you are tempted again to the take-away dinner or sit on the sofa instead of sitting on the yoga mat. And even if we live relatively healthy lives, over time we absorb toxins that can no longer be excreted independently by the body. This is done not only through nutrition, but also through environmental influences or personal stress levels. Therefore, regular detox retreats are highly recommended for optimal well-being of body and mind.

Through yoga, meditation and specially oriented nutrition, the process of detoxification can be promoted perfectly. In order to escape the habitual trap of everyday life, a detox program away from home is often advisable. This not only makes it easier for us to establish the new habits, but also means fun for us. Due to the pleasant climate throughout the year and the fantastic landscape, Andalusia is a popular destination for yoga detox retreats.

Rancho Los Lobos Yoga Detox Program

At our Yoga Detox Retreats you can really switch off in the middle of the beautiful nature and reset both body and mind and recharge with new energy.

The detox retreat includes 2 daily yoga sessions and 2 meditation sessions (except on the day of arrival or departure). Meals are made of light, vegetarian food and can also be prepared vegan or gluten-free if needed. Between the meals we serve detox herbal tea and a smoothie per day. Once a day there is a 30 minute reading with an inspiring text on the detoxification of body and mind.

Thanks to the compressed and effective program, you can feel a difference after just three days. Your body and mind are more balanced and you will come home full of new energy and perhaps even new rituals.

What happens if the body is poisoned?

If there are too many toxins in the body, this can not only lead to a low energy level, but has an impact on the entire health system in the body. Skin diseases, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, infections, stress and digestive problems can be attributed to too many toxins in the body. Of course, this is not always the cause, so here are some signs that may indicate too high levels of toxin in the body:


  • Undefined muscle or joint pain
  • Sudden skin irritations
  • Unexplained sensitivity to odors
  • Bad breath
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Impossibility to loose weight


In order to support the body in the detoxification process in the best possible way, a targeted yoga practice is recommended. However, if you have severe symptoms, it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting a yoga detox retreat.

How yoga can help to detox

In a detox yoga class special asanas are practiced, which help the body to excrete lymph fluid, carbon dioxide and lactic acid. In particular, rotational positions stimulate the abdominal organs with a gentle massage, which promotes both digestion and blood circulation. Stored toxins can be partially dissolved. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a lot after a yoga detox class to rinse the toxins out of the body. Asanas in the abdominal position (e.g. bow) or forward bending pose also support the detoxification process by light pressure on the organs.

Therefore reversal postures where the legs are higher than your head, have a particularly positive effect on the lymphatic system. Everything that the body does not need (e.g. bacteria, toxins and viruses) is filtered and removed. In addition, blood circulation is promoted and the cardiovascular system is strengthened. This is a very good mixture, for strengthening the entire immune system.

Detoxification by breathing exercises

The yogic breathing exercises « Pranayama » plays an important role during the detoxification process. In everyday life, our breathing is completely automatic, we hardly notice it. This often results in us breathing unevenly and not very deeply. When practicing the pranayama, attention is consciously focused on the breath.

For the first time it is about the perception of one’s own breath and then about its deepening. Deep inhalation brings more oxygen into the circulation, which leads to an improvement in the energy supply throughout the organism. Long exhalation, on the other hand, causes a relaxation of the vegetative nervous system, which can prevent, among other things, stress and high blood pressure. Particularly suitable for a detox cure are e.g. Kapalabhati (fire breathing), Nadi Shodana (exchange breathing) or Ujjayi breathing.

Letting go of « toxic » thoughts

The connection between our mental orientation and our well-being has now been scientifically proven. Buddha’s statement « You are what you think » suggests that not only external influences cause poisons in our bodies, but even we ourselves produce poisons through our thoughts.

On the one hand, breathing exercises can be very a helpful practice, in order to give the thoughts a break and to enter the pleasurable space of the « here and now ». On the other hand, Savasana, the deep relaxation at the end of a yoga class, is a wonderful way to let go all thoughts. At our yoga detox retreats we also offer meditation sessions that will help you with spiritual cleansing.

Our conclusion

Whether at a yoga detox retreat in Andalusia or an antioxidant smoothie on the sofa, we think a bit of detox must be!
The arguments for this are promising: more energy, a stronger immune system and better digestion. And it wouldn’t be yoga without the myth that detox yoga also has a rejuvenating effect, as muscles and joints are freed from deposition.

Enjoy a precious break and recharge your energy at our Yoga Retreats in Andalusia.

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