Intensive Seminar Aura Surgery

25 - 29 May 2022

The offer includes 4 nights (25 May arrival day) with vegetarian full board
26 seminar hours and teaching material with Dr Mathias Künlen.
Language of instruction: German

4 nights with full board
Total price: 1,375 EUR per person in a double room

4 nights with full board,
Total price: 1,495 EUR per person at Single room
(limited places available)


Topics in the intensive seminar
26 seminar hours

  • Aura surgery method
  • 40 karmic patterns
  • Debt
  • Oaths and vows
  • Shock
  • Castings
  • Non-linear system analyses
  • Post-mortem NLS analyses and reincarnations
  • Study of casuistry
  • Fine-matter operation in the energy body of the human being

Aura surgery represents a subtle surgery in which "operations" are performed exclusively in the patient's energy body without physical contact.

Karmic patterns that either originate from a previous life or were acquired in this life as so-called indirect psychotraumas are identified and dissolved. The same applies to energetic disturbances caused by guilt, oaths, vows and self-sabotage programmes.

In the auric surgery the energetic-informational exchange between therapist and patient takes place. Surgical instruments and energetic surrogates such as illustrations in the anatomy atlas or anatomical models are used.

Aura surgery sees itself as a complement to conventional or complementary medicine. It is not limited to medical professional groups. The aim of aura surgery is physical, mental, spiritual and social health, the experience of self-healing powers and the overcoming of diseases. The messages behind the symptoms are recognised, interpreted and integrated into a therapy concept.

Aura surgery has a healing and preventive effect at the same time.

Mathias Künlen, MD, specialist in neurology, presents his work in theory and practice using case studies.

Arrival and departure are not included in the total price and may be organised by yourself. 
The Airports in our vicinity are Malaga and Jerez de la Frontera (approx. 1,5 hrs), Seville (approx. 2 hrs) Gibraltar (approx. 45 mins). 
From there with the Rental car on to us in Jimena de la Frontera. Please enter the navigation via our website. 
Accommodation is at the Hotel Rancho Los Lobos or at our partner hotel in Jimena de la Frontera. Casa Henrietta.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot guarantee the room allocation. 

The occupancy of a double room for couples with only one seminar participant is possible on request. 
For a longer stay in our hotel we are happy to offer a discount of 10% per night.


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